Young people are our future

A number of Cricket for Change Development Coaches were recently invited to attend the ‘Our Commonwealth, Our Future’ event, planned and led by young adults at the Royal Commonwealth Society in London.  With over 2 billion people living in Commonwealth countries with two-thirds of them are under 25, young people are a crucial yet largely untapped asset, vital to the future of a stronger 21st century Commonwealth.

The C4C coaches who attended were, Perry Sophocleous, Alex Bassan and Stefan McKenzie and they took part in round table discussions such as ‘Sport for Development’, ‘Youth Voice and the Commonwealth’ and ‘Environmental Issues and Climate Change’.

Stefan said of the day, “It was good to meet other people from around the world and see what the power of sport can do” and Perry, whilst making a contribution to a film made on the day giving young people’s views from around the Commonwealth said, “Young people are not just here for today, they are here for tomorrow. It was great to see the effect of sport (for development) has on shaping the policies of the future”.

(Perry appears about 1:38 secs into the film)

The C4C coaches were invited because of their expertise in how they engage and listen to the young people they meet and encounter within their relevant development programmes. 

They were able to give their experienced opinions on the issues young adults are concerned about and listened to how the Commonwealth is responding to those issues and the relevance in their lives. The C4C coaches also benefitted by learning more about Commonwealth issues, meeting Commonwealth organisations and finding out how to get more involved in the Commonwealth led initiatives.