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Street Elite NEETS lead the way

On a cold crisp winter’s morning at the Canary Wharf PlayOn Indoor sports centre, there are mixed feelings of nervous energy, excitement and anticipation as the ‘Street Elite’ already warming themselves up, are in preparation for the first ever ‘Street Elite’ competition day.

This first event brings together teams from the Lord’s Taverners, the Berkeley Group and Cricket For Change who are all looking forward to being taken through some exciting street games by our newest recruits, the ‘Street Elite’.

Let’s Meet the Teams!

THE STREET ELITE TEAM (who co-ordinated the competition day)

             THE BERKELY GROUP                     THE LORD’S TAVERNERS

Eager to start, the Street Elite team (as well as competing in the day) were each responsible for explaining, demonstrating, scoring, umpiring, officiating and leading the separate tournaments of; 5-a-side football, ‘Street20 Cricket’, ‘Street Rugby 4’s’ and Dodgeball – and so seeing as there was no heating on it was definitely time for the games to begin!

The first part of the day started with energetic rounds of 5-a-side football (led by Street Elite’s, Abdul and Siobhan). There were some epic games on show and C4C came out on top winning 3-0 in a penalty shoot out against the Lord’s Taverners after a brave 1-1 draw at the final whistle of normal time.

“I enjoyed meeting new people because I usually exclude myself from doing that. It brings more confidence to my game and myself” – ‘Siobhan’ from the Street Elite team

Spirits high and competitiveness revved up, the Street Elite built on this by moving onto ‘Street20′ cricket. Patiently guided by Rahem, Ali, and Sarlim several games got underway. The Street Elite team won this tournament by beating the C4C team at their own game!

Fired up and ready for some ‘Street Rugby 4’s’, Street Elite’s, Shaddai, Bola and Yusuf expertly demonstrated the rules and basic tactics of the game. It was the Lord’s Taverners who secured a well earned victory in this part of the day’s events.

And so onto the final tournament of the day, where the Street Elite guys encouraged the now wilting teams into some, Dodgeball. The other teams hoped this would be a slower paced game but, Sulieman and Hasan (of Street Elite) showed that speed, agility and stamina is essential in Dodgeball! As the Street Elite team had this in bucket loads it meant they went onto win the Dodgeball final.

“Today’s session is so much fun. Lots of things to learn and the atmosphere was very friendly”  – Raheem from the Street Elite Team

The day was then finished with a well earned curry during which a happy silence descended on the tired and hungry teams as they tucked into their meals. In terms of the Street Elite programme, the team are now closing in on the second phase of training, which involves them heading out onto the streets to deliver these various street sports on housing estates in their local areas.

All in all this was a brilliant day and was great to see how far the Street Elite Team has come in such a short space of time. They really excelled and grew with confidence as the day went on and really showed off their coaching skills adapting games as and when it was required.

Massive thanks to everyone who attended as every one had such a great day. Many thanks also to Si Ledwith (of Cricket for Change) for his hard work and guidance he puts into the Street Elite Team and programme.