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Hit the Top competition promotes an ‘active’ lifestyle

The first C4C Hit The Top (HTT) Club Competition of 2012, took place during half term at ‘PlayOn Sport’ in Canary Wharf, brought together over 100 young people, to compete against each, from various schools and Hit the Top Clubs all over London. The joy and improvement in confidence, self-esteem and independent mobility that Hit The Top brings was in abundance during a day of exciting and close matches.     At lunchtime, the young people taking part were encouraged through a number of games to think about healthy eating and to be just as ‘active’ outside as well inside sport. For example, they were shown that choosing a ‘baked potato’ over ‘chips’ will help them to perform better in their daily lives as well as in their Hit the Top matches.

For the Visually Impaired county competition, there was Essex, West Lea and Surrey, three great teams that played well throughout the day. However, it was Essex that came out on top at the end of the day.

For the M.L.D (Mild Learning Disability), there were 10 teams involved which also included some teams taking part in their first ever HTT competition. Everyone played their hearts out but it was another success for Essex as the HTT club, Harold Wood, were crowned champions. The young people taking part were welcomed to the competition by some special guests from the England Learning Disability Squad. Jonathan Gale, Daniel Levey and Taylor Young, who all came through the C4C Apprenticeship programme, umpired and helped out with a number of games as well as being on hand to lend plenty of encouragement and support to those taking part.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers, teachers and C4C staff who helped out and brought many of the young people along to competition day.

By Stefan McKenzie, C4C Development Coach