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Changing the Face of Inner City Cricket


At the start of 2011 two world-leading sports charities, Cricket for Change and The Lord’s Taverners, came together to build a new three-year programme to put cricket and sport for development at the centre of changing young people’s lives. Here’s how it’s all going so far:

‘Street20’ programme:
Based in or around housing estates seriously affected by gangs and youth crime, ‘Street20’ cricket provides a platform for young people to learn about making a positive impact in their own communities. 

After the first year there are 46 sessions being delivered in Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Chelmsford, Basildon & and Brighton, Hastings & Crawley and they all have a full set of delivery partners.  There are 10 clubs in Bristol, 8 in Birmingham, 10 in Newcastle, 8 in Sussex and 10 in Essex. So far over 500 participants and 350 sessions have been delivered and over 100 leaders have been trained.   

Scroll down the page to watch ‘How to Play Street20′. Want to get involved with Street20, contact: ADAM HALL
Tel: 020 8669 2177   Mobile: 07545 565 993

‘Hit The Top’ programme
Hit The Top (HTT) is a disability cricket programme that provides club-playing opportunities for young people (under 18) with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and/or visual impairment.  Through the joint venture partnership, HTT teams of young people with a disability from across the UK will play in local and national competitions for the very first time.

In the first year, Sussex, Essex, Gloucestershire have all completed HTT training and have just started delivering sessions and plans are in place for Northumberland and Northamptonshire too.  For year 2, there are plans to set up HTT in Yorkshire, Hereford & Worcestershire and jointly in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. These current and planned sessions are building upon the proven success of HTT in the past. HTT certainly improves self-esteem, confidence and independent mobility skills. Want to get involved with Hit the Top, contact: ANDY DALBY-WELSH
Tel: 020 8669 2177   Mobile: 07786238168

‘Street Elite’
Supported by the Berkeley Group, is a unique ‘training for work’ programme which uses shortened forms of cricket, rugby and football to inspire disengaged young people back into education, training or employment.

‘Street Elite’ is now 6 weeks into the programme taking place on a weekly basis at Downside Fisher Youth Club, Bermondsey. There are 24 disadvantaged young people on the training course who represent 6 different London boroughs. The trainees are aged between 16 and 24 and have so far engaged extremely effectively.

Time is also spent talking to players on the sidelines about the contentious issues that they face in life, how they feel and how they are going to go about dealing with these problems. Three of the group have already taken part in a Level 1 cricket coaching course plus all the participants will be delivering a range of activities on Monday 19th Dec. for a ‘Street Elite’ day.

To provide an idea of the kind of young people ‘Street Elite’ is working with, here is a story of one of the young people taking part in the programme: Shazad (24), from Southwark, has recently been released from prison for robbery. He has a passion for sport but didn’t believe anyone would give him an opportunity because of his past. Shazad has shown a real commitment to the programme and will be an excellent addition to an organisation’s workforce in the near future.

Want to get involved with Street Elite, then contact: SI LEDWITH
Tel: 020 8669 2177   Mobile: 07702490940

For further details and information about the partnership, please contact:

James SalisburyPress and anything else
Tel: 020 7821 2828   Email:


Partnership Press Coverage


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